About the SomnioTM Treatment Progam

SleepTutor utilizes SomnioTM an internet treatment program clinically validated helping thousands overcome the symptoms of insomnia and return to a more healthy and productive life style.

Introduced in 2005, SomnioTM was the first commercially available Cognitive Behavior Therapy internet program utilizing a drug free approach to insomnia. Since then thousands of insomnia patients have benefited from the educational and therapeutic advantages of this highly successful program.

SomnioTM was developed by leading European insomnia expert Dr. Winni Hofman. She has studied sleep medicine for over 35 years and published numerous peer reviewed papers dealing with the consequences and treatment of insomnia. Dr. Hofman is a faculty member of the University of Amsterdam where she currently is teaching advanced sleep medicine courses.

SomnioTM Provides Patients With:

Based on 8 weekly sessions and is the leading drug free internet therapy program for insomnia.
Combines Cognitive Behavior Therapy and advanced knowledge-based technology to provide a computer directed treatment plan.
Uses techniques that have been clinically validated to effectively cure over 80% of patients completing the program.
Is an interactive program providing access to certified SomnioTM masters and doctorate level therapists.

SomnioTM Treatment Includes:

The program begins by completing a brief online Sleep Interview. The results from this interview are used to develop a personal Sleep Profile helping us get a better understanding of your sleep symptoms and sleep efficiency.
Insomnia sufferers are then encouraged to begin the 8 session SomnioTM program completing a sleep diary as they progress through each week.
During the program SomnioTM will identify your sleeping patterns, tutor you to break habits that cause insomnia, educate you on improving your sleep hygiene and guide you back to restoring a healthy sleep cycle.
At any time you can send a private message to one of our certified SomnioTM therapists at no addition charge. At the program completion a summary report of your progress is sent to your Health Care Provider.

SomnioTM Validation Information:

Online Treatment of Insomnia using Behavioral Techniques
Profile of insomnia symptoms from 19935 individuals who completed web-based questionnaire
Self-reported improvement of sleep by internet based multi-component individualized CBT of insomnia
Sleep Efficacy of individualized computer assited Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Specificity and Sensitivity to Different Symptoms of Online Multi-Component Behavioral Therapy
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