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We invite you to learn more about achieving better sleep and some of the common causes of insomnia and how they affect your life. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the files below. If you need to download the most recent version, click here.

General Sleep Topics:

An Under-Examined Danger Of Insomnia
Depression with Insomnia May Magnify Cognitive Impairment
Shining A Light On Sleep Problems
Why Am I Sleeping Like A Baby Boomer
DSPD or Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder
Tackling Insomnia
Insomnia in Elders
Insomnia is Widespread
Insomnia Isn't Just For Moms

Sleep and Your Health:

Can I Suffer From Both Dysania and Insomnia?
How Does Exercise Help Those With Chronic Insomnia
Insomnia Associated With Threefold Increase in Heart Failure Risk
Insomnia Can Increase Risk of Obesity
Lack of Sleep May Lead To Insulin Issues
Taking Sleeping Remedies Without Advice Can Risk Your Health
Insomnia Doubles Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, Research Shows
Insomnia May Raise Risk of Heart Attack Stroke
Lack Of Sleep Can Disrupt Metabolism In Body
Sleep Loss Links To Illness Studied
Poor Sleep May Lead To Too Much Stored Fat And Disease
Sleep Gets Better As Waistlines Shrink
Insomnia Linked to Suicide - Guidelines for Better Sleep

Food and Your Sleep:

Nutrition Getting a Better Sleep With the Right Nutrients
6 Foods That Cause Insomnia
Oprah Presents 6 Foods That Keep You Up At Night
The Link Between Caffeine & Insomnia

The Cost of Sleep:

The Sky-High Cost Of Insomnia
Insomnia Costs $31 Billion In Workplace Errors & Accidents Each Year
The True Cost Of Sleeplessness
Insomnia Remains Unrecognized Problem In Workforce

Drugs and Sleep:

Natural Sleep Aids Vary in Effectiveness for Insomnia Sufferers
FDA Warns About Side Effects of Insomnia Medicine
Beat Insomnia - Without Drugs
Concerns Over New Drugs To Treat Insomnia
Forgetfulness In Seniors Tied To Anxiety & Insomnia Drugs

Sleeping Tips:

Want A Blissful Night, Try These Sleep Aids
10 Minute Tension Tamer At Bedtime May Help You Sleep
Sleep Insomnia - What Can Help
10 Minute Tension Tamer Helps With Insomnia
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